Discovering new narratives, telling authentic stories

F ilmmaking is more than great storytelling.  Deep inside us there is a desire to understand our own journeys and the journey of others around us.  The best stories, the ones that stick with us create empathy.  By writing authentically, performing convincingly, crafting shots, capturing sound, scoring music and assembling it masterfully we transport audiences to a place they can understand others struggles and triumphs.  We can bring them the closest we can to walking a mile in each others shoes.

  1. Director, Editor
    film by Roaming Hart Productions

    Leah is a young married woman enjoying life with her husband and running her retail storefront. When the unexpected happens she has to adapt to an unwanted situation and navigate through her thoughts, feelings and expectations from those around her. Will she be able to rebalance her life, career and confidence in the midst of all the changes?


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  2. Director of Photography, Cinematographer
    film by Cross Beyond Productions


    A man on the hunt for his wife’s killer begins to doubt the facts as his world spirals into despair. With doubt clouding his every move when does he know when to quit?

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  3. Vice-president, Creative Director

    Vice-president of the Independent Film Society of Colorado.

    IFSOC is a non-profit organization that promotes independent films and local Colorado filmmakers.  I have volunteered since 2012 and am now the vice-president and creative director.

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Expectations Trailer